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The Top Quality Dispensary for Medical Marijuana in California

Medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996 so we have been able to perfect our weed for many years now. Connected Cannabis Co., your go-to dispensary for medical marijuana offers only the best quality to make sure that you get the best results.

With convenient locations all around California including, Sacramento, San Francisco, Stockton, Santa Ana, Connected Cherry and Belmont Shore you do not have to travel far to reach us. We believe in freedom of choice and speech and want to make sure that anybody who needs our medical marijuana can find us.

Our medical marijuana dispensaries in California only has the best weed to choose from. We are our toughest critics and if we don’t love it, it will not go on our shelves. We take pride in our dispensaries throughout California, which is why we cultivate and develop our own products. By knowing and understanding exactly what goes into our products, from selecting the perfect the seed to be planted to replenishing our shelves with the finished product.

We know that everybody is different so we offer our medical marijuana in all shapes and sizes. You can find in our dispensaries from delicious edibles like strawnana pies and sherbert to aromatherapy pain creams. Our range is as big as our imagination and our desire to satisfy our patients with only the best.

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When you want to get connected with only the best, hit us up. With 5 locations around California, Connected Cannabis Co. not only has superior products but will exceed all of your expectations. Visit us today!