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Jack Box

Submit feedback by June 8 to be entered into the Raffle! 3 lucky winners will be chosen and receive a pair of Airpod Max headphones.*

My time with Jack goes all the way back to our first entry into the legal space at Fruitridge Health & Wellness. I'll never forget the first time I interacted with the unmistakable terpene profile of what the cool kids were calling Jack. It woke me up from the haze of OG, Grand Daddy, Master and Bubba that was dominating the space at the time.

The lemon lime, pine needle poke to the tip of my nose it gave me was enough to cause me to inspect further. Then came the high. Then the smile. Then the giggles. Then the outright belly laughter that just kept coming. I was high for the first time again. I wanted some candy, I wanted to watch Caddyshack and I wanted to wander on the beach until the sun went down. All at the same damn time. And I did all those things and I'll never forget it.

So we are bringing that feeling and experience back for everyone to enjoy the connected way in 4 different formats. And we want to hear from you on how you and Jack either go way back or are meeting for the first time. We know you'll enjoy it like I did my first time. Jack is back baby!

-Caleb Counts


*Winners will be announced on Instagram and contacted on June 10.